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We are gone!
(sort of…)

So … funny thing … people stopped taking Latin in school a long time ago. Qui sciebant?
I thought the name was clever – “Web for the People” or something.
But, alas, mouth-breathers to the left of me, mout…. People couldn’t say it, couldn’t spell it, couldn’t take an email address over the phone… stupid populi. Oh well, time for a new name.

Plus, we’ve grown a lot! From a 1-man, discount website builder, we now do so much more.
Marketing funnels, email campaigns, paid advertising, SEO, Google Business, omni-targeting, reputation boosting, print mailers…

It’s a far, far better thing we do than we have ever done.*

We are now Luminagency Digital Marketing

More ideas, more services, more results

*To the well-read, that probably sounds pretentious af. Its just kinda weird to those who can’t say “web pro populi”. Im good with that.

Our Story

Some Gratuitous Graphic ThingY


This Ball Won’t Roll Itself

We decide that websites are (or should be) easy and create WPP to talk straight about websites. To the people.


We’re Not Gonna Take It

The old tools are failing us. Clients have no clue what we do but are sure how much it’s worth, and the shine has come right off that apple. We retool as a WordPress shop with a Divi base, a clearer price structure and useful addons that help sites get noticed.


Let’s just Learn. Every. Freaking. Thing.

Thinking deeper is better, we become a full-stack developer. We mess with React, Jeckyl, Gatsby, JS and a dozen other cool techs that do nothing to sell more stuff. Everything now takes six times longer to do and is an order of magnitude harder to maintain. POST this. This was a long year. 


Moving the Needle

This was a long year too but for other reasons. (Anyone remember the COVID debacle?) Realizing that the only thing good for our clients is to build what they need, convice them to stay the hell out of the implementation details, and provide a clear path to results, we make the shift from a small website shop to a full marketing agency and become Luminagency Digital Marketing.
loo-min-age-… ah, you’ll figure it out.